PTE (Pearson Test of English)

Test that measures the language proficiency of people who want to study or work in English speaking Countries. Helps in skilled migration and permanent residency in many English-speaking countries. Helps in undergraduate – post graduate admissions in English speaking countries.

Types of PTE
  • PTE General

  • For Schools and non – visa purposes

  • PTE Academic

  • Used for study and immigration

  • PTE Young Learners

  • English language assessment for students aged six to 13

Exam Pattern

Three sections – Speaking and writing, Listening, Reading.

Duration – 3 Hours

Test Type: Computer Based

Grading Pattern: Computer Graded

Test Results: Result in 5 Days

Results: Online certification

Scoring: 0 – 100


PTE exam registration can be done online.

Online Registration

PTE Test – Speaking/Writing

PTE Test - Speaking / Writing

PTE Test – Reading

PTE Test - Reading

PTE Test – Listening

PTE Test - Listening

PTE Test – Listening

PTE Test - Listening

Grading Pattern

All responses in PTE academics are computer graded. There are two scoring patters in PTE Academic:

Correct or Incorrect

If the response is correct, candidate will get complete grade else no credit will be awarded. Multiple Choice questions with the single answer is an example

Partial Credit

If the response is partially correct, partial grade will be awarded. Read Aloud is an example for this scoring type.

Scroing Comparision

PTE - Scroing

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